Florida Style Agency works with professional photographers that use their professionalism to satisfy both clients and companies.

Photographic books, portraits, company reportages (for institutional leaflets or web sites), still-life photos of company products (for advertising brochures or web gallery), event documentation (conventions, concerts, events, exhibitions).
We have available different locations and professional studios.

  • Personalized shootings
  • Editorial & advertising portraits
  • Editorial & advertising Still Life
  • Photographic books in indoor or outdoor location
  • Company reportage
  • Events reportage
  • Catalogues
  • Show reel
Thank to the collaboration with a partner company and to the help of the latest technologies we can create multimedia and audio-visual products, such as advertising and institutional spots, documentary, concert record, fashion show and performance. We also have a mobile unit for live performances, composed by digital direction, Steadycam, Crane and five professional cameras. We also have a studio for video shooting of more than 200 m2
  • Video shooting
  • Mounting
  • Post-production works
  • Complex videos
  • Videography (elaborated animations for video realization)
Some Example
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Spot presentazione 
Village Restaurant Show
Emanuela Suanno

Miss Centauri 2012 


Spot presentazione libro
di Michael Jackson

Concorso di bellezza
Monella Vagabonda

Spot pubblicità progresso
No Alcool

Miss Centauri 2011


We deal with communication services, web design, 3D graphic, web marketing, creation of web sites, e-commerce, development of Internet portals. Web solutions are realized through the Web 2.0 philosophy: highest efficiency with extreme speed.

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  • High impact design
  • Latest technic solutions
  • Web sites managed automatically
  • Dynamic sites with flash technology
  • E-commerce sites
  • Internet services
  • Web marketing campaign
  • Newsletter, advertising, indexing of searching tools

Some examples

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Sito con animazione

Sito animazione
Sito con animazioni

Sito con animazione
Sito con animazioni

Sito con animazione
Sito gestibile con animazione

Sito gestibile con animazione

Sito gestibile

Sito e-commerce