Web Sites
Web projects realised step by step with the client
Our staff, after having carefully analysed our client’s requires, defines its profile and studies the right philosophy that the brand should have to satisfy these needs, by representing and exalting the personality of the company and by creating a lasting, communicative, dynamic and of impact logo.

This will satisfy every kind of needs.
So the client will be able to put in practice his own ideas and he will be constantly supported through the web advertising..
Web4you: independent, fast, simple, personalized
Web 2 is a new way to use Internet. His philosophy is to create a strong link between the client and the supplier through the web site.

To do that, we have created Web4you, a Content Management System extremely practical and fast that allows having a site with a tailor made graphic realized specially for you by our graphic team, which offers the possibility of entering personally contents and catalogues, managing members, starting marketing campaigns through newsletter, making statistics and much other.
Flash Site
Sites with those technologies stand out thanks to the quality of animations, of pictures and of sound effects.
  • Animated heading of pages
  • VirtualTour of the shop
  • Music
  • Visual and sound effects
  • 3D design
  • Games and complex applications
  • Video and gallery
  • Multimedia interactivity and sound/video effects
  • Realization of presentations and intro video

E-commerce site
The Electronic Commerce Site is a shop open 24 hours 24, every day in the year, with a global visibility. Everybody that has an Internet connection on his laptop, on his tablet or on his mobile phone will be able to access the online shop in every moment of the day. E-commerce can totally be considered as a new way of doing business, of engaging in commercial activities and of organizing the logistics, exploiting the Internet canal to increase commercial results and competitiveness.
  • Commercio Elettronico facile da autogestire
  • Easy and self-managing e-commerce
  • Guarantee and safe commercial transactions
  • On-line catalogues
  • E-commerce politics and statistics (best sellers, most visited…)
  • Advanced newsletter
  • Specifics realized on client’s needs